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Choose your treatment, choose your tooth doctor, and finally have the perfect jaw-dropping smile you’ve always wanted.

What is GenuSmile?

Think of GenuSmile as the friend you know that knows everything about teeth.

At Genusmile, we cut through the jargon and break it down into ‘bite-sized’ pieces. (We couldn’t help ourselves. Sorry, not sorry.)


Straight tooth talk, no fluff

Our guides cover all the important things you need to know 

  • Cost
  • Pain
  • How long will it take? 
  • Payment options

Real people share their journey

So you’re looking at getting a whiter smile, straighter teeth or replacing missing teeth but how do you know what to expect if you’ve never done it before.  Hear and read what others are saying about their tooth work (some are so excited they’ve even sent us their own selfie videos)

Find me a tooth doctor - stat!

Just like you wouldn’t get a plumber to fix your electricity you’ll want to connect with an awesome dentist that has expertise in your particular needs.  Well, we can help you do just that!  Our Smile concierge will do all the research for you, collect it into a nice package and give you all the info you need to make your choice!

Will it be worth it? Hear the word on the street.

Hear real humans tell their real stories

Lynda’s dental implant experience

Courtney’s Invisalign experience

Grace’s Invisalign experience

Smile Concierge

Smile what?  Smile Concierge, that’s our awesome personal service that helps you find the super skilled person to sort out your tooth needs.

How does it work?   Simple.  Fill in the form (or make our day and call us because we love talking teeth), we get to know a little bit about you and what you’re after.  Then,  we get to work creating a shortlist of dental professionals for you to choose from.  We have no affiliations with anyone, we simply find the best person based on your criteria.  Best of all? It’s FREE!

Have questions? Need answers? We got you.

At Genusmile, we try to provide all of the A’s to your Q’s…but if we haven’t covered a burning question you still have, you can ask one of our super smart and awesome tooth doctors. Or you can speak to a real human who knows exactly what you’re going through.

Ask a Tooth Doctor


Ask someone just like you

Not sure what treatment?

That’s cool, get the nitty gritty here.


We give you all the options so you can get the pearly whites your dreaming of


Braces or Invisalign? We give you the low down down – straight up


Your gappy grin getting you down, find out about  tooth replacement options


Not everyone’s born with Hollywood gnashers but cosmetic dentistry can help you get there


Get your confidence back and live without the fear of a denture mishap


Wisdom Teeth giving you grief? Don’t believe the horror stories, we give you the tooth 🙂

Why GenuSmile?

GenuSmile is the brainchild of two teeth obsessed girls who have worked in dental for yonks.  For years, friends and family have asked our opinion on all things teeth. From which dentist to see, to what questions to ask and what to expect.  We want to share our knowledge with the world. 

Free Service

Dental treatment isn’t free – but our service is 🙂

Unbiased Information

We are not affiliated with any Dental Professionals

Personal Service

We are always here to help if you need us

Power to the people

Make educated decisions and take control of your dental health

What are people saying about GenuSmile?

I don’t know much about dentistry. I’m really busy and didn’t want to take the time to research dentists but I wanted to make the right decision. I wanted transparency and to know I was getting value for money, GenuSmile helped me do that. Rob Price

I had a bad front tooth due to a childhood  accident that needed fixing. I really didn’t understand my options and who could help me. GenuSmile helped me with information that made my decision easier. I found a great dentist and can smile again with confidence. Jamie Aplin

I had some missing teeth and old dental work that had to be looked at. A family member suggested I try GenuSmile, it was great, I found a dentist with years of experience in my particular treatment and I’m really happy with the results. Lynda Reeves

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